MT-03 Eagle

Take to the air with the exhilarating MT03 Eagle and dance the sky...

Built for the 21st Century, the Auto Gyro MT-03 Eagle is an aircraft that is revolutionising personal transport.

The combination of 4-stroke power, astonishing performance and factory-built dependability has taken the autogyro from being an interesting curiosity straight into mainstream aviation. 

The MT-03 Eagle is constructed in a new, purpose built factory in Germany and complies with the toughest airworthiness standard for gyroplanes in the world. The Eagle is approved and operating throughout Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. 

The Eagle’s open cockpit design allows excellent visibility and makes it suitable for many varied applications: Personal Flying & Recreation, Aerial Photography, Scenic Flights & Tourism, Pilot Training, Stock Mustering, Observation, Rural Property Management. 

The Eagle’s ability to take off and land in short distances makes airport use optional, eliminating expensive hangerage fees. At a fraction of the cost of owning and operating a conventional aircraft or helicopter, the Eagle is the affordable solution for the discerning aviator.

The Motorbike of the Sky

More manoeuvrable yet far safer than a motorbike, solid in the sky the gyroplane cuts through turbulence and instils confidence even in the most anxious of aviators. Autogyro have recently produced their 1000th machine and the Gyrate group have flown getting on for that number of clients in New Zealand. 

Reliability is paramount and by touring in these exceptional machines throughout the length and breadth of both Islands this has been proven beyond doubt. One Eagle aircraft circumnavigated the entire coastline of New Zealand in only six days of flying!

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AutoGyro Model MT-03

Aircraft Details

The Gyrate Eagle is an aerodynamic tandem 2 seater styled gyroplane showcasing superb factory quality manufacturing and finishing. Here is just some of what goes into a new Gyrate Eagle. 

Instrumentation & Accessories

The following high quality items come standard with every new Gyrate Eagle.

Optional Extras: